Could there be another Da Vinci Code hidden in ‘Dance of the Souls’?

Is that what the mysterious cover of the book suggests?

I’ve received a lot of feedback about the cover since my book was published in early December 2020. I was shocked when I first saw what so many people had already seen. You have to look a little further and squint, to realise how Leonardo da Vinci’s face unfolds in the picture. But why? What could be the reason for this?

Graphic design: Attila Perge

My intention was far from designing the cover like that. Here is my sketch I drew for my graphic designer. However, when I think about it, this is how the cover actually became perfect, which faithfully reflects the book’s message. The story teaches you to look at everything from a higher perspective and to see divine, true, love-based contexts. I was amazed by this realization.

Sketch by Berti M. Bagdi

The novel is just as surprising combination of experiences and inspired by many living and deceased souls. This includes the soul of Leonardo da Vinci. No wonder why it turned out that he is hiding on the cover of the book. It’s entirely typical of the mystery-loving genius. It made me realise that this novel could be an extended aspect of the Da Vinci Code. I compared the difference or similarity between the two novels:

  1. Da Vinci Code suggests that Leonardo hid the idea of the existence of Jesus’ possible family in the Last Supper. Dance of the Souls explores Jesus’ (in his historical name, Jeshua’s) youth and the life of his family, including how Mary Magdalene became his wife in the missing 30 years that no one has ever truly revealed. And how Jeshua became the spiritual master we learned from the Bible.
  2. According to the Da Vinci Code, Jesus has living descendants. It could be possible. Dance of the Souls suggests that the reincarnations of Jeshua’s family live in the present age. If somebody believes in reincarnation, it could be a reasonable suggestion.
  3. It’s understandable why Leonardo da Vinci smiles  on the cover of my book. The secret that he had hidden in the Last Supper, and for which he would have been held accountable, could now be revealed in detail. Giving the modern people a chance for a logical and clear understanding of Jeshua’s path and teachings. And the Secret of the mystical smile of the Mona Lisa is finally revealed, in which this time Leonardo hid the secret of his own family.
  4. The cover of the Da Vinci Code shows the upper part of Mona Lisa’s  face, and the cover of Dance of the Souls shows the top half of Leonardo’s.

The book attracted huge interest when it was published in Hungary, December 2020. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Star of Bethlehem appeared in the night sky around that time as well, the 21st of December 2020.

The picture was taken at the National Park, Waterton-lakes in Alberta, Canada

“Strengthen the rhythm of your heart, to dance your soul out of the dark.”

The Dance of the Souls

The Dance of the Souls is currently in the progress of English translation. It can be preordered in ebook and printed format at:


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