Dance of Souls 1-2

Berti M. Bagdi

Dance of souls 1

Published in Hungary in 2020 with great success and it has been translated in English too for international publishing.

It is a fascinating story about the possible historical aspect of Jesus (Jeshua) and the life of his family. What happened in those 30 years that is not mentioned in the Bible? Did he really die for our sins? Was he married, and had children? What was the turning point in his life, that allowed him to understand himself in such a wise manner that people started to listen to him and he became the most popular man on the planet?    

Dance of Souls presents the laws of karma in a unique, controversial but logical system, through the reincarnations of legendary historical figures who have lived in the past two thousand years. The novel portrays these people’s lives from a bird’s-eye perspective.
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About the book

Could there be another Da Vinci Code hidden in the novel?

The first part of the book is about the story of Jesus and his family, filled with exciting twists and intrigues. The last part is about the reincarnation of the soul family, leading up to present days. The story reveals Leonardo da Vinci’s secret hidden in the Mona Lisa, the great karma of Alexander the great, the result of the suicide of Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius, the mystery of the knights of King Arthur, and the reader can find out the reason for Sisi’s admiration for the story of Tristan and Isolde.

Read about the mysterious appearance of Leonardo himself on the cover of the book:

Current work


Dance of souls 2.
Secrets of Da Vinci's parents

It’s not a coincidence that one of the world’s greatest geniuses became so open minded and versatile. The unique qualities of his parents and their painful, heartbreaking relationship determined the fate of little Leonardo and the future master forever. 

“The book is a page turner and the story burns into the depths of our souls for a long time, if not forever.” Gabriella Matrai, owner of Rejuvena Héviz, revival centre

Soul wellness

“For many readers this novel will be like a delicious, long-lasting soul wellness. Lights, fragrances, angels, appreciation, love, talented people, wonderful places, and of course hesitation, human emotions, uncertainties. Those who can relate to this, will surely believe for a while that life is good and that everything is possible, you just have to focus your attention to see things from a different perspective.” – Andrea Olah editor, reporter

the symbol of Love

“Leonardo da Vinci’s parents’ unfulfilled love and the love he felt for them, may have inspired the artist to create one of the most famous and mysterious works of his life, the Mona Lisa. I really liked that approach from the writer. The unbreakable love between Caterina and Ser Piero is presented to us by a wonderful metaphor that I am sure to remember. Although I used to love it as a symbol, from now on it will always come to mind when I see dandelions.” @latenight_reader, bookstagrammer

Read the blog about the author’s fascinating discovery that is a proof of the theory she reveals in the book about who is on the portrait after all: 

“I didn’t think I’d see anything new about the Mona Lisa. Oh, I loved this book so much! It’s a thoroughly historical romance that I read through with the pages flying. Although I am down-to-earth, I believe in science, but in the novel we can read about past lives.  To be honest, it’s not my world, but it’s good to believe that it may be possible.” @annathejournalarchitect, bookstagrammer

Watch the short video about the discovery:

Was Leonardo a lovechild?

“Leonardo left us no comment on the circumstances of his birth, but there is one tantalizing allusion in his notebooks to the favors that nature bestows upon a love child. “The man who has intercourse aggressively and uneasily will produce children who are irritable and untrustworthy,” he wrote, “but if the intercourse is done with great love and desire on both sides, the child will be of great intellect, witty, lively, and lovable.” One assumes, or at least hopes, that he considered himself in the latter category.” Extracted from Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson. 

Dare to live, dare to love, dare to trust!

Archangel Gabriel is assisting the lovers, and help them see the Divine Plan, the bigger picture. God works always in long term happiness. 

Along the story the readers can also find out about the intimate origin of Leonardo’s name, who could be the Mona Lisa and why did the maestro keep the portrait until his last breath. What is the meaning of the red balls on the famous House of the Medici’s coat of Arm, and the mystery of the Dome of Florence. 

Painting: Laszló Darvasi – Gabriel is assiting the lovers

Dance of Souls 1 and 2 are currently only available in Hungarian. 

Is It the next Da Vinci Code?

The Dance of the Souls will be launched soon.

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