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Rather than living in fear, you should live with full awareness

We go through numerous storms, but we are in control of how we ride the waves and whether we stay on our path or not.
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Inner Voyage is for you if you'd like to

First sight

Inner voyage

With my help, you are going to view everything as if you had just seen it for the first time. You will be able to let go of all that doesn’t serve your highest interests any longer, all that you have outgrown. You can embark on a new path that will be guided by your awareness instead of your delusions.

What's this method about?

The Soul Guided Method

We are talking, but a bit differently. With closed eyes. To trick our ego. 

“One sees well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.” But I’d like to take this further:

One thinks well only with the heart.

One feel, listen, touch well only with the heart. 

Through this session we take off the sunglasses, masks, gloves, earplugs, of the illusions from our five senses. My spirit guides have been teaching me this Point of View since 2015, when I started writing. 

Jesus – who asked me to call him Jeshua – healed THE BLIND MAN with this method.

My spiritual and historical novel, “Dance of Souls” was written from this viewpoint, in which I introduce the lives and karma of legendary historical figures from an alternative angle.

From this point of view, we examine life situations, relationships, people, and their deeds from a distance, with the sharp eyes of an eagle.

“The visibility conditions are slightly different up there”, Jeshua said jokingly to me once, when I lamented in my meditation up there in the 5D of thoughts, that things are so much better and nicer there than they are down here in 3D.


The layers of human soul

The human soul is just as layered as the physical body. Our conscious self is the tangible surface of our skin, while the subconscious self is like the organs inside of the body.

This perfectly symbolizes how much more there is in the unseen layers.

The memories, feelings, and karmic lessons of past lives stored in our subconscious mind guide 98% of our actions and choices.

If we only examine the obvious and surface layers we won’t be able to see the entire picture.

It is said that the truth sets you free. And the truth is right there buried deep inside of us, we only have to bring it up to the surface. But it is there, I guarantee it.

The soul yearns for knowledge. This was the singular desire of the earliest human couple. We wanted to find out what the other extreme was, the opposite emotion, in other words DUALITY. The meaning of TEMPTATION is that we only understand it a little. It TEMPTs us until we understand it, until we KNOW it. This, then takes us on a back and forth, “What you sew you reap” game, expels us from earthly paradise and we enter into the karmic cycles.

Karma is about learning COMPASSION and EMPATHY. It based on the law of GIVING and RECIEVEING. It demands balance.

Life itself is an EARTHLY PARADISE. We make it as such with our thoughts. This is why the TRUTH is important. We must find out why things happen as they do, so we no longer need to be tempted and hurt by it, and we can return to the abundance of Eden right here on Earth.

Only then we are able to let it all go, in order for us to move toward the next chapter of our lives.

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Soul guided methods

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Is It the next Da Vinci Code?

The Dance of the Souls will be launched soon.

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