Interview with Archangel Metatron – Questions that Violet would have asked from the book “Flying with Messengers”.

Lovely Archangel Metatron, thank you for coming.

‘Hello my dear, I am glad to be here.’


My first question is something that many people would be curious about.  Are you the only one who used to be a human and became an angel?

“To my knowledge, yes’ he says it with a smile. ‘But I really enjoyed Violet’s character. She perfectly fitted in the story. I’m proud of her for she completed some incredible missions in your book.’

Learn more about the book here

Would you tell me about your Earthly Life? Did you just incarnate once?

‘Yes, only once, I was Enoch the Prophet.’

Yes, I’ve read that, and according to the Bible Enoch lived 365 years before he was taken by God… is this true? Did you really have lived so many years on Earth?


365 years seem to be an awfully long life. Was that common at that time to live that long?

‘My son, Methuselah lived 969 years.’

Yes, according to legend … but I never thought that it could be true.

‘This is just a belief system. You believe that you set to live about 70-80 years and you live your life accordingly. If you could imagine that you could live for 300 years, and you wouldn’t worry about getting old, instead you’d believe that your body could stay young for centuries, then it would be so.’

Interesting… I don’t even know if I want to live that long. This is an incredibly deep set belief system I think. So Let’s get back to your life. Don’t you miss being a human? You have had a beautiful family and you have lived a great, exemplary life as a prophet.

‘No, I don’t miss it because I would have then limited abilities and could not help as many people as an angel. It would be strange not having a global knowledge of everything and not being able to be everywhere I am needed.’

What a great angelic answer…I shouldn’t even expect less from you, dear Metatron. Please tell me, what was it like to become an angel?

‘Bright!’ – he chuckles.

It was a silly question, wasn’t it …?

‘No, not at all’ – he smiles. ‘But how could I describe that to you? It is as if you’d ask me to describe how it felt to be created.’

True. I’ll ask you something else. You have many roles and tasks. How would you best define your main job?

‘My main task is to teach people how to use their spiritual power for good while I record their choices in the universe’s great archive known either as God’s book of life or the Akashic record. By doing so, I am able to see how people’s negative thoughts lead to unhealthy choices while people’s positive thoughts lead to healthy decisions. So I could only encourage you all to try to be the master of your thoughts instead of a slave to it.

It’s easy to say …

Give us your pain and sorrow. You don’t have to feel guilty if you have not suffered for months for something that you can’t change. You have to look ahead, create your future with your thoughts and feelings.  Ask us for assistance in everything.

Thank you for your wise words, dear Metatron. I can only speak for myself… and I promise I will try …

I hope so. For your own sake, my dear. You can hurt yourself with your own thoughts the most. Why would you do that? All we want for you to be happy. This is our greatest desire.

Well, this is all we want, too. Well, thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to get to know you better.

‘It’s was my pleasure.’ – he smiles. ‘I wish you all inner peace and love.’

Thank you!

Learn more about the book “Flying with Messengers”


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