Berti M. Bagdi

Lily's Adventures
behind the Rainbow

This heart-warming story helps to trust the angels through our inner voice.

Unique book

It is special, as

Have a look into the book and listen to its theme song:

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The storytellers:
English: Chelsie Moso
German: Noemi Kral
Hungarian: Berti M. Bagdi

Australian-Hungarian author

Berti M. Bagdi

I see in every child the quality of the future. This thought inspired me to write this book.. 

“To lead a joyful life, always choose the thoughts that bring you joy.” The angels whispered into my ears. 

The story is about the three pillars of a happy life.

Allowing, Accepting, Wait for the best…

Drawn by

Anita Steiner

I’ve had many great applicants to be the illustrator, and I couldn’t decide.  So, I asked the angels for help. We threw all the names in a hat, and Anita was the winner. She was not only te best choice but we became really close friends. In the video below, you can see how we picked the name of the cat in the same way…

Anna Uglár, who suggested the name of the kitten:

“This name was popped into my mind first as I was looking at the kitten’s picture… On Monday night, I dreamt that most people voted for “Sassy”, even though there was no voting! Despite my dream, I didn’t believe that this name will be selected. And the fact that it happened is another sign that I should pay more attention to my intuition.  THANK YOU AND THE ANGELS!”

Book tour

Story-time Sessions
with music

I hold 45 minutes Story-Time Sessions in kindergartens and schools in Hungary and around Europe. If you work in such institutions and would like me to visit yours, you are welcome to contact me.  It is filled with music and interactions. We talk about the angels too. Children love it.