Dance of the Souls

Berti M. Bagdi

Dance of the Souls I.

Only released in Hungary in 2020. English translation is completed.

The Dance of Souls presents the laws of karma in a unique, controversial but logical system, through the reincarnations of legendary historical figures who have lived in the past two thousand years. The novel portrays these people’s lives from a bird’s-eye perspective.
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About the book

Could there be another Da Vinci Code hidden in the novel?

The first two-thirds of the book is about the possible life of the historical aspect of Jesus (Jeshua) and his family, filled with exciting twists and intrigues. The last third is about the reincarnation of the soul family, leading up to the present day. The story reveals Leonardo da Vinci’s secret hidden in the Mona Lisa, the great karma of Alexander the great, the result of the suicide of Cleopatra and Marcus Antony, the mystery of the knights of King Arthur, and the reader can find out the reason for Sisi’s admiration for the story of Tristan and Isolde.

Read about the mystery of the book cover with Leonardo da Vinci at my blog.

Current work


Dance of the Souls 2.
The secrets of Leonardo's parents

The secret of the Mona Lisa

This fascinating story reveals the reason the  orphaned  Caterina di Meo Lippi and the successful notary, Ser Piero da Vinci couldn’t be together apart from the fact that they were much in love, the origin of Leonardo’s name and the secret message of the Mona Lisa. 

“Leonardo left us no comment on the circumstances of his birth, but there is one tantalizing allusion in his notebooks to the favors that nature bestows upon a love child. “The man who has intercourse aggressively and uneasily will produce children who are irritable and untrustworthy,” he wrote, “but if the intercourse is done with great love and desire on both sides, the child will be of great intellect, witty, lively, and lovable.” One assumes, or at least hopes, that he considered himself in the latter category.” Extracted from Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson. 

Caterina and Ser Piero not only could not marry for the seemingly obvious reason that they belonged to different class of society. It was more of a lack of faith in the happy ending. But the question arose, as to whether there was any divine reason, too for all this?

The book is  currently only available in Hungarian. English translation is in progress.

Is It the next Da Vinci Code?

The Dance of the Souls will be launched soon.

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