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About the author

Berti M. Bagdi

It wasn’t enough to be a financial advisor, actress, reporter, professional makeup artist, and blogger. In the past 7 years I have published 4 books as an author in Hungary. “Flying with Messengers” and “Dance of the Souls” became best sellers, giving hope and faith to thousands of readers.

I have intensly studied the behaviour and wonders of the HUMAN SOUL, and became a Happiness coach. I helped to improve more than 400 people’s life, raising their happiness level from 3 to 7. 

I discovered a new secret of the Mona Lisa, channeled a possible missing phase of Jesus’ life, and introduce the World of Angels to my readers.

I have recently established GOLDEN WALNUT PRODUCTION COMPANY in Perth, Australia, to create movie of my novels to entertain and inspire millions of people around the world, trusting that they will gain insights that will improve their lives.

Best seller n Hungary

Flying with Messengers

This exciting and romantic story is set in the contemporary time of heaven and earth. Here, feisty guardian angels fight their rivals, the demons, to best guide humans toward their true destinies and love. The natural duality of light and darkness has been thrown off-balance by the dark angels lately. Humans happiness scores are way too low on the guardians leaderboard. More and more people are being influenced by the demons.

Best seller in Hungary

Dance of the Souls I-II.

I. Captivating story of Jesus’ (Jeshua’s) missing phase of life and the reincarnations of her soul family in the past 2000 years of History. 

II. The love story about Leonardo da Vinci’s parents and the heartwarming secret of the Mona Lisa.

Is It the next Da Vinci Code?

The Dance of the Souls will be launched soon.

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