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Three faces of the Mona Lisa

About the author

Berti M. Bagdi

It wasn’t just enough to be a financial advisor, a makeup artist, face painter, actress, producer, reporter, blogger, currently with four books, I am a published author. During writing, my intuition got stronger and I have developed a few easy-to-use techniques – Soul Driven Methods that can strengthen that inner compass to help people to fly again.  

I am searching for life’s small and huge logical coherences. I believe in the warmth of home, the joy of celebration, in true friends and true love. 

The Mirror Souls Workshop is for those who are searching for their true soulmates or wish to revive their existing relationship. You will have the chance to meet new people and get to know them on a deeper level that goes beyond the shallow surface.  For the full program please send us an email to: berti@bertimbagdi.com

Did you read my book?

Flying with Messengers

This exciting and romantic story is set in the contemporary time of heaven and earth. Here, feisty guardian angels fight their rivals, the demons, to best guide humans toward their true destinies and love. The natural duality of light and darkness has been thrown off-balance by the dark angels lately. Humans happiness scores are way too low on the guardians leaderboard. More and more people are being influenced by the demons.
Upcoming Releases:

Dance of the Souls I-II.

I. Captivating story of Jesus’ (Jeshua’s) missing phase of life and the reincarnations of her soul family in the past 2000 years of History. 

II. The love story about Leonardo da Vinci’s parents and the heartwarming secret of the Mona Lisa.

Fall in love with your soul!

Inner Voyage Soul guidance

Would you like to get guidance without any help, or tools (Psychic, pendulum or card) from your trustworthy heart instead?  

Such guidance that can trick your ego, and you can trust 100%?

Do you doubting things a lot? That is the only block…

Then apply the inner voyage personal or group Workshop to free yourself from your doubts for good.

This way you can get rid of what is already unworthy of you, what you have already outgrown. This is how you can embark on a new path that will no longer lead you to dazzle but to vigilance. 

“I could clearly see the path towards my happier life with this method, and it really happened so.” – Csaba M. enterpreneur

Is It the next Da Vinci Code?

The Dance of the Souls will be launched soon.

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