I help you see with new clarity

to get through the gloom and find remedy

'Crystalreading' - discover yourself and your life from a new perspective and revive it.

About the author

Berti M. Bagdi

It wasn’t enough to be a financial advisor, actress, reporter, professional makeup artist, and blogger. I also became a published author of four books and in the past 6 years. I discovered a new secret of the Mona Lisa, channeled a possible missing phase of Jesus’ life, and introduce the World of Angels to my readers with my novels. During writing, I have intensly studied the behaviour and wonders of the HUMAN SOUL, and developed a few great soul empowering techniques to help people around the world, to teach them to love themselves and their lives.  

I am true to my name – Berti who brings LIBERTY. I help people to become true to their true desires, and I free them from their shadow sides.  Currently the most popular technique is the crystalreadings’ that I do online, and in person.

I am searching for life’s small and huge logical connections. I believe in the warmth of home, the joy of celebration, in true friends, and true love.

Did you read my book?

Flying with Messengers

This exciting and romantic story is set in the contemporary time of heaven and earth. Here, feisty guardian angels fight their rivals, the demons, to best guide humans toward their true destinies and love. The natural duality of light and darkness has been thrown off-balance by the dark angels lately. Humans happiness scores are way too low on the guardians leaderboard. More and more people are being influenced by the demons.
Upcoming Releases:

Dance of the Souls I-II.

I. Captivating story of Jesus’ (Jeshua’s) missing phase of life and the reincarnations of her soul family in the past 2000 years of History. 

II. The love story about Leonardo da Vinci’s parents and the heartwarming secret of the Mona Lisa.

Fall in love with your soul

Soul guidance with crystals

 Throughout the session you are fully involved, as it is a self realisation process, rather than someone telling you or guessing what is going on in your life.  It is empowering, amazing and a true eye-opener. You are realising what your subconscious mind is telling you. This was a fascinating experience, and afterwards it gave me a lot to think about for how I can improve my life.” – Angela Auricht, Primary School Teacher

  • Would you like to explore yourself and your life from a higher perspective?
  • Do you wish to see the hidden TRUTH and eliminate ILLUSIONS?
  • Do you wish to have true guidance from your heart so you can finally let go of what is unworthy, and you have already outgrown?
  • Do you wish to make decisions guided by your soul?

If yes, then CRYSTALREADING, the whispers of the stones, is for you! 

Sessions are available in person and online.

Duration: 1.5-2 hours 

“I could clearly see the path towards a happier life with this method, and I followed that path and it became my reality. I am happier than ever.” – Csaba Meszaros, Enterpreneur

Is It the next Da Vinci Code?

The Dance of the Souls will be launched soon.

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